Vacation Shooting Tips for Better Photo Books

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Travel Photography

When you go on vacation, you want to remember what made it so special. That’s why taking photos is so important. But if you are the person who posts endless shots of people in front of landmarks on Facebook, you are not giving the world anything new. When you’re on vacation, the opportunity to spend quality time with yourself, family, and friends are available. The key to a good photo is to take a better one. People will want to see your photos if they’re great.

We took many memorable photos during our vacation, but we didn’t know we could use them to make a photo book! We just took a lot of random pictures and, now that we think about it, we should really create one.

How can you find the best photographs for your photo album? 

It’s important to keep in mind some tricks that will help you.

When I go on vacation, I love to take pictures. They help me to remember the time I was gone and the things I did, as well as the people I met and the places I visited. The history of the photobook is so diverse that it’s impossible to pick just one. This is a personal selection of my favorite photos.

If you need more, don’t worry! Josef Chalder has a virtual bookshelf of photobooks and the Photobook Store website. We have a lot of great resources for you to check out, including Black Light, The (In)Decisive Moment, Provoke & Two-Frame Films.

Take Shot in Scene Pairs

There are few photos that can be pasted into albums. One of the most popular options is pairing photos.

Identical movements, landmarks, and even events in pairs can be shot  like

  • Day/Night
  • Near/Far
  • Macro/Micro

For Creating Collages

To make a collage in the visual arts, you must create a new “whole” from various pieces. Collage is a technique used in photography in particular, where a group of pictures is assembled in a certain order. For instance, if you wanted to take pictures of your hotel from the front of the building to the side, you could arrange them into a collage and take pictures that way.

If you’re stuck for ideas with your photography, try taking a different picture and composing it with a collage in mind. Suddenly we’ll look for the same patterns or shapes, and different colors can help to make dull shots into beautiful ones.

Series of Images

One photo per page is good, but sometimes you need to use two. This is often a good idea, for example, if you want the photo to be large and easy to see, or if you plan on taking a wide-angle lens with you on vacation. The practicality of this is that you can’t lose track of what you’re looking at in the photo.

Tell about it

Your photo book doesn’t just capture memories. It tells a story. 

A vacation photo book should include the little details of the trip, like the sights and sounds. You want your guests to feel like they were there with you. That’s why you should zoom in on the smaller moments, like favorite objects, and create a portrait of them surrounded by all of their favorite things.

Capturing emotions is a complicated task. You need both people and faces. Body language can also convey emotion, so it’s good to capture the whole body sometimes too.

Think for cover

When I take a photo for a book cover, I am often limited by the subject matter. But with the right cover, you can make it all better. I might not be able to make use of natural or man-made views to get the right atmosphere for the book, but I can still get people interested in it. For example, if I am taking a photo of a person, I could use their expression to tell the story.


It is always worth it to take pictures of all the information that will be helpful for your photo book. You may think that you remember them, but sometimes your memory can be playing tricks on you. Take pictures of roads, maps, and billboards, all of which are informative for orientation. Before you take a photo, think about how it will be displayed. Orientation can impact the meaning of an image.

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