Some Tips for Wedding Photographers and Photography Clients

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Wedding Photography

When you’re considering a photographer for your wedding, make sure to keep these tips in mind. They will help new photographers see what clients are looking for and make a smooth, seamless process for everyone. 

It seems like the wedding season is only getting busier. To help both the client and the photographer to take great photographs, here are some tips that can help. Both people should really understand what the event is about and work together to create some magic!

Advice for Both

It’s important to keep in mind that these tips are written from the perspective of a potential client looking for a photographer to book. They are not all-inclusive, but they are designed for prospective clients. To make photographers feel more comfortable, knowing what clients are looking for is essential. Some additional photography tips have been mentioned as well.

Your Personalities should Match

Generally, you should look for someone who will get along great with your personality. You should be sure that your photographer’s personality and ways of interacting will mesh well with your wedding party and family. You can’t forget that this person will be there for about 8 hours or more. To avoid a forced meeting with your photographer in a long-distance setting, meet in person or on Skype before your wedding. This will allow you to be more at ease in the meeting and will make it easier for you to talk about what is going to happen on your big day. 

Shooters too, we know that it’s hard to turn down potential money after multiple meetups. But if you still have a bad feeling about a client and can’t bond, just walk away.

Know Your Style

What kind of pictures are you looking for? Your client should know which style they want. Maybe they want traditional pictures? If they do, then they should not hire a photojournalistic photographer. When choosing your wedding photographer, it’s important to match their style with yours. If you prefer the documentary style, then you should not choose someone who seems to do all posed shots. Every photographer has their own style and vision, so be sure to match the two together so the photographer is interested in what they’re doing. And if you try to push them to work in a way that they don’t seem inclined to, then they might just say no. It’s really important to remember that what worked well for your friend’s wedding might not be right for you. Don’t just accept someone’s recommendation without looking into it yourself.

Shooters: What should I wear to a portrait session? When you’re starting out, don’t feel like you have to stick to one style. It may seem to limit, but it actually gives you the freedom to be more versatile.

Keep a Budget But Don’t Compromise

If you’re unsure about what style of gown or suit to go with, pretend money is no concern and browse with the photographer. Once you narrow your choice down and know what you like, it’s time to consider pricing. You might be surprised that what falls in your budget can also fall within your style.

Don’t just focus on a photographer’s price list. You might end up paying more if you don’t look into the photographer’s packages. For example, a photographer might have a great price for photos but then you have to buy the prints separately. I recommend going for a package deal so you can save money in the long run as it includes all the details.

Photographers and videographers probably have a hard time figuring out how much to charge. But it should be simple to know what other professionals in the industry charge if you’re transparent with each other.

It is important for professionals to communicate with one another. Share with other professionals about the pricing of their trade. When you’re finding a photographer, it’s important to communicate what you’re looking for.

As the client, you should know that photographers are not psychic. You need to make sure your photographer knows what your preferences are. Discuss with him or her the type of location you want, such as the restaurant you went to on your first date or maybe a place you shared a special moment together. You can share some meaningful props with your photographer. All photographers usually have lists of poses they like to use. Never hesitate in sharing the ones you have in your mind.

Use an Engagement Session as a Dress Rehearsal

Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know the photographer before the big day. Taking a few risks early will help you understand their work and make sure you’re going to be comfortable with them on your wedding day.

Create a Shot List

Wedding photographers are usually organized enough to create shot lists, but clients are often not. It is great for everyone to have a list and compare/contrast it during meetings about the parameters. The photographer can narrow it down into a “master list” to work from. You can’t just assume that your wedding photographer will know which people are most important in the wedding. For this reason, it’s best to choose someone who has experience with this sort of thing. But what if you need headshots for your business or family portraits? You should consult someone who has experience with these sorts of photos.

It is very hard for a photographer to both prepare and then corrals a group for photos. It may be difficult for the couple to see each other before the ceremony, but if they prepare formal portraits before the wedding begins, it will help the photographer take photos and thus make the process go much smoother. Leave more time for the reception! If no other portraits are taken, the photographer will have to wait for people to eat before snapping pictures.

For Shooters: The time you are given by clients for a project should be taken into account when planning your schedule. This is more than just pee breaks. Set bathroom breaks, charge batteries, backup memory cards, and come back refreshed. You should make sure that any client understands that this is a long assignment.

Know How to Handle “Uncle Bob”

When it comes to group shots, you (and everyone else) should be mindful of where you look and who you’re looking at. This means respecting the photographer and giving them some space to take the best possible shot. If your family member also happens to be a photographer, have a chat about boundaries. As smartphones are so common these days, it is important to set restrictions on the resources for the people you are actually paying to document your special day.

Have a Planned Exit

When your event is over and the photos and videos are done, tell your photographer and videographer what you would like to do as a send-off. You might want to go for a big send-off with sparklers or champagne toasts. There are a lot of logistics to consider when planning a wedding – the “limo” is just one of them. You need to plan for both the send-off and reception because pictures at both events will be important to show all the effort you put into your special day.

It’s important to trust your photographer when you’re getting married. That way, you’ll have an enjoyable wedding day. You can always rely on them and leave all your worries behind. Remember that this is your wedding day.

The steps mentioned above should be easy for you to take. You basically need to let your photographer take care of it. All you need to do is relax and make them happy. They will capture your happiness in photos.

Well, I’ve heard this one before. When you speak to the photographer about your worries, everything will show in their work. That’s why communication is so important.

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