20 Destination Wedding Photography Tips

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Wedding Photography

Destination weddings are ceremonies that are supposed to take place away from the hometown of the couple. These ceremonies are often held in a romantic location or a faraway place and they often have a reputation for being lavish and expensive, but this is not always the case. Destination weddings are becoming more popular because they are usually less expensive than traditional weddings.

Destination Wedding Photography Research

You’ve been booked for a wedding. You want to know the risks and costs you may face, so before you say yes, do some research.

1.Calculate Costs

Planning your trip to give your client the best price possible. For example, if your wedding is taking place during the off-season, you can always get a discount on airfare, hotels, and everything in between.

2.Prepare a Work Visa (If Necessary)

If you are planning to shoot an international wedding, be sure to get a work visa. You need to apply for one if it’s required or you may be detained in a foreign country.

3.Check Venue Restrictions

You must make sure the venue allows photography. This is more of a rare case, but some venues charge for outside photographers while others don’t allow them at all. All-inclusive resorts usually include staff photographers in their packages, so that’s something to keep in mind when booking with them.

4.Ensure the Location is Safe

You need to be careful when traveling with expensive photography equipment. You should be aware of who is handling your luggage, and you should store expensive cameras in a hotel safe when not in use.

5.Look for Once in a Lifetime Photo Spots

You need to find a must-see location for photos, one that has stunning scenery or iconic landmarks. Ask the front desk of your hotel, or ask any locals you find online. It’s always advisable to do some research before you go, but it should take up less time than it would if you had to research while there.

6.Research the Venue or City

If you’ve never been to the venue before, take a look online for photos of other weddings. This will give you an idea of what the place feels like, and it might also give you some ideas about where to take photos.

Destination Wedding Photography Prep

Don’t leave packing to the last minute. These tips will help ensure you have everything you need before your flight.

7.Check Your Insurance

Be sure to take a look at your insurance policies. They only cover you at home, so it’s important to call your agent and extend your coverage internationally.

8.Notify Your Bank

It’s important to keep in mind that if you leave the country and charge anything, you could be leaving your bank account open to fraud. This would not only result in a suspension of your account but could also make you look suspicious when it comes to any pending charges or payments.

9.Consider International Calling

Phone companies are always more cost-effective when they add international plans to their current cell phone plan. This is because customers can avoid astronomical roaming charges when they know they will be abroad for a while.

10.Create an Itemized Equipment List

You’re about to head out on a photography adventure, which means you’ll need to make sure you bring the right equipment. The most important thing to remember is to register your gear online with its serial number. This will help it get returned if lost and keep things organized electronically. This is also helpful with customs.

11.Make Copies of Your ID and Passport

Always keep your passport secure, but what if you lose it? In this case, make a copy of your passport and all other travel documents.

12.Make Health Preparations

After you get those vaccinations and prescriptions and get a doctor’s note, you’ll be ready for an international trip. The first step is getting all your vaccinations and getting your prescriptions refilled. Don’t forget to get your doctor’s note in case your medication gets stuck during transit!

13.Have a Communication Plan With the Couple

If you are running an international project, and the phone service is not available, you will need to find a time and location to meet with your clients and exchange alternative contact information. This is to prevent any confusion and long waits due to the time zone difference.

Destination Wedding Photography Travel

You’re packing for a destination wedding, and you’re nervous: what gear should you bring? How do you know enough about this couple to find the perfect location? We’re here to help. Our tips cover booking your flight, selecting your gear, and keeping on top of all the details before you embark on your trip.

14.Arrive Early

If you’re going to a wedding, it’s advised to arrive a few days ahead and go over the area. This way, you’ll know all of the ins and outs of the venue and be able to work your magic on the day.

15.Book Your Own Travel

As a traveler, you want to plan ahead. Always go for early boarding. If you do, your luggage will be loaded first and won’t have to wait at the gate for you. You’ll also earn points and miles when you book your own travel.

16.Stay at the Same Hotel as the Couple

There is nothing super-special about this tip, but this will help you be able to contact each other before the ceremony and for photos.

17.Pre-Book Ground Transportation

When you’re on vacation or visiting a new city, it can be tough trying to find a taxi. If you have pre-booked a taxi, then you can reach your destination without any issues. This is especially useful in remote areas.

18.Use Your Resources

Search the internet to find helpful resources for your destination wedding. Make a list of all the beautiful places you can shoot. Utilize brands that have been to the location before, such as photographers or planners.

19.Pack Your Gear and Shoot Outfit in a Carry-On

Be sure to always have your camera with you. In the event that your luggage is lost, you will be prepared with some clothes.

Destination Wedding Photography Gear

Remember to carry a travel camera bag with two camera bodies and extra batteries. You will need a charger and spare memory cards. If you want to, bring a laptop, but pack light. You will be shooting a wedding.

20.Pack Non-Essential Gear in Your Checked Bag

If you’re traveling with photography equipment, it’s essential to pack what you need. That could include external flashes, tripods, light modifiers, and extra cables. However, keep in mind that lithium batteries are not allowed in checked luggage; they must stay in the cabin.